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Hiring is a pain.

Finding good candidates to join your organization can be challenging.  Creating the right job description while outlining all the proper qualifications takes time.

Knowing where to post your job openings and how to keep them visible in search results is also a headache. Most tedious of all is reviewing all the applications that come in, vetting each candidate, and hiring the right one.

Business411 Helps You Recruit Great Talent

How do we do it? Here is our Process

  • It's About You

    We take time to learn about your corporate culture

  • The Right Position

    We learn about the position you’re trying to fill and all of the possible duties the new hire may be called upon to fulfill.

  • Setting Expectations

    We carefully craft the job posting so that candidates clearly understand the nature of your business, the requirements of the position, and the work atmosphere they should expect at your company.

  • Get Seen

    We post your position on appropriate job boards and apply all the right tags and filters to reach the right audience.

  • Social Tools

    As needed, we leverage social media including LinkedIn and Facebook Groups to find experienced candidates already making positive impacts at other organizations.

  • Narrowing Down

    We field all submitted applications and review each candidate’s qualifications to determine the best fit for your company. In the meantime all data is shared with you. You’ll know how many candidates have viewed your posting and responded to it. You can access any of the applications, not just the ones selected by Business411. But, rest assured, we won’t miss a single good prospect!

  • First Steps

    Once we determine the candidate or candidates you should seriously consider, Business411 can conduct the first round of interviews, check references, perform background checks, and coordinate drug testing, if required.

  • The Right Person

    Finally, we hand off the top candidate(s) for you to interview. Now, just think of all the time we saved you! Not only that, our meticulous process finds good people who can become an asset to your organization right away and for years to come.

Let Business411 Be Your HR Resource

Business411 charges a reasonable fee to take the HR tasks off your plate, develop excellent job descriptions and manage online listings, vet applicants and even consult on your employment contracts and terms.

The Big Picture

Business411 wants to help our industry constituents build a job force for the future. Vocational trades have more open positions than there are qualified candidates. Fewer people seem driven to pursue the great careers that lie in building trades. Too many good workers are caught up in high-tech illusions and fail to consider the fantastic opportunities in more traditional lines of work. 

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Business411 is working hard to be a positive force in strengthening the American workforce in these specialty segments: