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What does your online presence say about your company?

What we Review:

What are the benefits of a Brand Diagnosis from Business 411?

Not only do we review your online footprint, we also recommend changes and meet with you and explain what works and whats not benefiting you online. We put together a full presentation for you with all your platform ratings and steps you can take to improve your presence. Our team has experience working with contractors across the US and wants to help you implement the best practices for roofing contractors. The recommendations we make (and can execute for you!) can increase your website traffic and quality of leads. 

Why is your online performance important?

For homeowners, a roofing project is usually the most expensive home project they will have to deal with. More than other services, homeowners will research and get quotes from several roofing companies before making a final decision. Make sure you are on their radar and stand out with a positive social performance, clear and educational website, and rank in organic searches as well as paid.

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Our Services

Optimizing your Operations

  • Business Automation​

    The right technology can help reduce and eliminate human error involved on what it takes to run your business from creating a lead to putting the job into production and creating a referral. We work with any CRM, Production Management, Roof Measurement, Accounting, and data software on the market to provide you a customized system which fits your needs.

  • Operations Management Systems

    Running a roofing business involves many small nuisances, from scheduling an inspection to coordinating adjuster appointments, to running the collections department. We help you customize an operations system that runs with your process and gives you the boost you need to do more without having to increase your overhead with more employees.

  • Production Management Systems

    A signed contract is only worth the paper it is written on until the job is done! We build processes around your inhouse or sub crews to maintain quality control, project communication with the homeowner and efficient production systems to run reports on what is the status of your builds going on as well as permitting. 

  • Branding & Design

    You only have seconds to make an impression when you arrive at a job, make sure you arrive branded and create a memorable impression. We cover designs from your logo, vehicle wrap, sales presentation, door hangers, flyers, business cards (all materials available), digital business cards, business QR codes, social media design, infographics, and more! Most importantly, we take the time to study your vision and produce the materials you need.

  • Website Solutions​

    Website Chat Setup, Design, Website Content Writer, Blogs, Graphics, GIFs, Cookie enabler, Video Animations and more!

  • Marketing Solutions​

    One of our new services is running ads for customers on social media, google, SEO and website optimization. Digital and direct marketing combined.